St. Mary Catholic School Algoma Wisconsin

St. Mary School Board of Total Catholic Education

St. Mary Board of Total Catholic Education is a policy making body responsible for the operation and evaluation of the education programs in the parish.

The Board is accountable to the Ordinary of the Diocese of Green Bay and the Diocesan Board of Total Catholic Education.

The basic consultative functions of the Board of Total Catholic Education are as follows:

Planning - establishing a mission statement and a strategic plan.

Policy Formation - to give general direction for administrative action.

Finances - developing plans and means to finance ongoing educational programs including setting tuition, negotiating subsidy, and developing annual bidget.

Development, including public relations and marketing - includes understanding the school's mission, a committment to that vision, the involvement of people, the formulation of a plan, the development and presentation of a case statement to the public, and finally the acquisition of funds to bring the plan to fruition.

Evaluation - determining whether goals and plans are being met, not evaluating individual staff members, administrators or students, except the principal's relationship with the board, and determining the board's own effectiveness.

Assist in the selection of the administrators - participating according to its constitution and the policies of the diocese and/or religious congregation in determining the administrators.

Catholic Educational Boards DO NOT:
-Discipline students
-Develop curriculum
-Approve instructional material
-HIre/fire staff
-Write regulations (a rule to implement policy)

Board meetings are scheduled the first Tuesday of each month except December and March (see calendar for specific dates and times). All meetings of the Board are "open" except those designated as Executive Sessions. To be placed on the agenda, notify the school principal or Board president at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.

Current Board Members:
Mark Grosbeier
Kevin Guilette
Mike Guilette
Jane Haase
Marietta Kenzik
Heather Vardon
Jacque Wiese